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Huge Mistake! Jane Fonda’s Love for Tanning Resulted in a Life-Threatening Illness

Jane Fonda has been in the public eye for decades now, more than most celebrities we see in Hollywood nowadays. Well, this is not shocking, considering how old she is now. The actress is 81, but she shows no signs of slowing down.

Jane Fonda’s beauty has stood the test of time in the industry

Having been in the limelight for that long, much of her life hasn’t been private, with the public combing through almost every single thing she does. Her frequent plastic surgeries have often put her under heavy fire, and, though barely, she has come out unscathed eventually.

However, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses for this superstar, as the body shaming she has had to endure made a significant dent in her self-image. She has struggled with self-esteem issues for years, but we can now safely say that she has outgrown the criticism and developed a thick skin.

While the issue of bullying isn’t mundane, Fonda has learned to love herself for who she is with age. On matters acting, Fonda is going strong in Grace and Frankie, whose sixth season airs next year.


During an interview for next month’s British Vogue issue, Jane Fonda opened up about dealing with cancer, revealing that she’s had her fair share of health issues over the past.


Jane Fonda at the 2016 Golden Globes


Having been a sun-worshipper, skin cancer was closely following her, and it eventually caught up with the actress. Speaking in the interview, she confirmed that she frequently undergoes surgery to have growths on her skin cut off.

Cancer has long been a menace in the States, with cancer of the skin being the malignancy’s most common condition. Age is one of the important factors that determines the risk of developing cancer, with individuals aged 50 and above being the most susceptible to this illness.

A history of the disease in your family predisposes you to it, and being light-skinned doesn’t do you any favors either. Additionally, spending loads of time basking in the sun without sunscreen or any other form of skin protection puts you at a higher risk of contracting skin cancer.

As we know, this wasn’t Fonda’s first public discussion of her seemingly unending war with skin cancer. Early last year, she affirmed that a cancerous growth that had manifested on her lip had been removed, before a metastatic growth appeared elsewhere.

If the actress had wished to keep the news to herself, the bandage on her lip rendered that impossible, as the media would definitely want an explanation for it.

Early last year, Fonda affirmed that a cancerous growth that had manifested on her lip had been removed


The 81-year-old was calm about the whole situation, affording to even crack jokes about it. Speaking to Howard Stern, she was like a lip was nothing to raise that much concern in a world that is all but bursting into flames.

The actress has also had to deal with cancer before as well, to the extent of having a myomectomy in 2016. That year, Fonda showed up at the Golden Globes in a strange attire, which she later explained was to hide her bandages from the procedure.

As she now says, her fight against cancer is still ongoing, but she hopes for the best. What’s for sure is that she’s not letting the monster weigh her down.

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