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From Miscarriages to 2nd Child: Carrie Underwood’s Incredible Journey to Motherhood

Natalie Morales-Rhodes always works her magic on her guests to makes them feel comfortable enough to open up, and thankfully, she handles their truth with the respect it deserves. No wonder Carrie Underwood felt confident enough to get candid on her show, Today.

Carrie Underwood has been through a lot to become a mom

Third born? We’ll See

Underwood gave birth to her second child in January, and has been enjoying parenthood for a while now. However, it doesn’t look like another baby will be coming around any time soon or ever, considering how much of a hectic journey it was to have this second one.

When Morales asked about a third born, Underwood more or less said that she didn’t know. As she put it, it had been a difficult road headed to baby number two, and she would have to think about a third one only when she’s done with her tour.

For those who have no idea what Carrie means by ‘difficult road’, it’s the three miscarriages she suffered in the last two years. She spoke about the ordeal in detail last year when she during a CBS morning interview in September.

Her sentiments from back then haven’t changed; a miscarriage puts you in a really bad place, and you have to deal with the emotional turmoil it brings with it. Being a songwriter has been a huge plus for Carrie, as writing music got her through her worst days and kept her distracted.

As she revealed, she would immediately schedule a writing session whenever the doctor broke the unfortunate news to her. Writing helped keep her mind away from her heartbreaking events, providing short-lived relief, until she eventually managed to sustain a pregnancy for the whole nine months.

Carrie-ing On

Combined with the birth of her second child, Carrie insists that the miscarriages have made her a more confident human being. She has faced the worst fears a mother ever could and has come out of it stronger.

She gives huge credit to Mike Fisher (her husband) for being with her every step of the way, while also acknowledging that it was as tough for him as it was for her.

According to the artist, she doesn’t fully understand how it works, but she can totally feel that she’s stronger from her ordeals.

She still has it in her!

Carrie Underwood’s fans couldn’t have been happier with their star for being this candid. She has time and again revealed how people come up to her when she’s going about her daily business and thank her for being open.

The sentiment from them is almost always the same – that she made them know that they weren’t alone in miscarriage, and they didn’t have to suffer in silence.

The Little Toy Guns singer is currently on her Cry Pretty tour, and trust me, it is hectic. She has her months-old baby with her on tour! However, she is taking everything in stride and admits that she has learned to tone down the pressure.

Working out helps a lot, and she even has a gym in her tour bus. As she puts it, the sessions help her get better as a wife, a mom, and a performer. And seeing how well she’s doing at all three roles, who are we to say any different?

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