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We all love Selena Gomez, and we enjoy her music. But we didn’t know that how bad she suffered from Lupus, that caused her to undergo a kidney transplant.

Emotional Selena sharing few words on her life or death experience.

Have you heard the word ‘lupus’ before? Lupus is an acute autoimmune disease that accelerates immune system in the body and makes it overactive in adverse ways, destroying healthy tissue in the process. Common symptoms include damage to skin, blood, joints, kidneys, etc.

Selena was a spectacle to behold at the Lupus Research Alliance’s Breaking Through Gala, an event she graced as a speaker. The event was staged on Monday in New York City. She talked about her harrowing experience with autoimmune lupus. This was barely 24 hours after her performance at the 2017 American Music Awards, which happened to be her first musical appearance after her kidney transplant which took place recently,

Selena is an honorary chair of the foundation and has been instrumental in creating a massive campaign in bringing to light the true existence of Lupus. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with lupus arthritis which was very severe. Fortunately, her bosom friend, Francia Raisa, donated her kidney to save Gomez’ life.

Selena and her best friend at the hospital for a kidney transplant

Selena is fine now and doing very well, but she strongly advised people not to joke about medical check-ups and treatments. “That attitude is very risky,” she warned. “I was like that at the beginning of the diagnosis when I was told that I would need a kidney transplant. I was kinda unserious about it until my health deteriorated. Thank God for Francia, my best friend who gifted her kidney to me. That was the best gift I’ve ever received in my life. I remain indebted to her,” she said.

The 25-year-old singer urged people to see a doctor as soon as they observe signs of lupus. She also wishes to see a future of immense evolution in research advancement in which the coming generations will not have to go through the strenuous processes of kidney transplants to get their health back. “I pray to witness the days when women can live their lives to the fullest with no hindrance from lupus,” Gomez said amidst tears.

CEO for NBCUniversal, Steve Burke was also present at the event, and he was recognized for his donation of $1 million to the alliance and lupus research through his company. Steve agreed that in spite of NBCUniversal programs that promote lupus disease through “This is Us” and “The Real Housewives” TV shows, he still believe that they can do better to aid the campaign as much as Lupus Research Alliance is doing.

“I feel humbled and thrilled to be associated with this noble organization that has taken upon itself to empower people’s well-being. NBCUniversal is proud to be part of this course,” Burke said at the event.

“The nature of my work as an entertainer brings me closer to this kind of organizations,” Burke said. “This is luck. I appreciate it.”

Selena has motivated people to dole out huge of money to Lupus Research Alliance to aid the research projects. She has been able to achieve this by sharing her lupus story to the world.

The CEO/president LRA, Farber Kenneth eulogized the pop star.

“Selena is a shining example to other celebrities. She is real about her health status and has developed an extraordinary emotional bond with her global fans. As a result, more people have received enlightenment about lupus, an epidemic that is ignored in our society. Selena has used her stardom to influence the general public who are visiting our website, in droves. We have lost track of the number of calls we receive daily, and the traffic on our site has skyrocketed. Selena is an angel in disguise. Her moral and financial support to our organization is astounding. She bequeathed a part of the proceeds she made from her tour tickets to our research. She even used the avenue of her birthday to solicit for donations on our behalf. As we speak, about half a million dollars have been dropped into the organization’s account for the funding of the research projects,” he announced.

The Lupus Research Alliance is the foremost private research organization in the world. It was founded in 2016 at the onset of an alliance among three foundations, Alliance for Lupus Research, the Lupus Research Institute, and the S.L.E. Foundation.

The mission of Lupus Research Alliance is to advance treatments for lupus. They see a chance of finding a lasting cure for lupus. The strategies adopted to complement this aspiration are a fund-raising and keen campaign on behalf of the lupus community.

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