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The Tragic Accident That Almost Ended Rebel Wilson’s Career

Do accidents really happen on set? Aren’t the actors and actresses always protected? Sure, they are to some degree, but accidents and mishaps are just that, and they can even happen to our most beloved celebrities, leading to tragic consequences.

Unfortunate Victim

The most recent victim of such unfortunate happenings is the 38-year old Australian actress, Rebel Wilson. While on set shooting a Hamptons scene for her latest film, Isn’t It Romantic, she slipped down a grass hill and suffered a concussion.

Naturally, she was rushed to the hospital where she stayed for three hours, before the doctors gave her a clean bill of health, allowing her to get back to filming. Eventually, it was all a fruitful day with Wilson confirming that they proceeded to film non-stop for 16 hours.

The ever-bubbly Rebel Wilson

Regretfully, the actress lost two of her toenails from the slip and fall accident. Nevertheless, she reiterated that she is all fine now and is back on set of the fantasy cum romantic film where Wilson plays Natalie, a hardworking architect in NY who strives to get the recognition she deserves at her workplace, but to little success.

Things apparently move from the frying pan into the fire when Natalie is mugged on the subway and finds herself in an alternate universe. Here, she plays the lead in a real-life romantic comedy. Having always been skeptical about love, this is a nightmare come true for Natalie as she dates an Australian millionaire (Liam Hemsworth) and watches as her best friend falls in love with a yoga ambassador. On the plus side, she is very successful at work.

Isn’t It Romantic premiered on February 11 and is currently in theatres.

Wilson in character as Natalie

According to Wilson, acting in New York City during the summer is not a bed of roses. The heat made it her all sweaty, and she even had a bone to pick with her director. The sticky situation arose from a scene where her character gets mugged and dragged across the subway, making Wilson’s back all black. The sweat-dirt mixture was a no-no for her, especially since the director had implied that the subway had been steam cleaned while it actually wasn’t.

A Mix of Talents

Rebel Wilson has had a successful acting career, having started acting in Australia before moving to the United States. She is a graduate of the Australian Theatre for Young People and is also a writer and producer in addition to being the talented actress she most certainly is.

Wilson and Miley Cyrus on the premiere of her film Isn’t It Romantic

The Pitch Perfect film series is arguably her best work to date, with her portrayal of the character Fat Amy having earned her a number of nominations and prestigious wins. Thanks to Fat Amy, Wilson is a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress and MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award winner.

Surprisingly, acting was not Wilson’s first career choice. She had always wanted to pursue something in the mathematical field, having always been very good with numbers. Evidently a scholar, she has degrees in law and theatre and performance studies from the University of New South Wales. As a Youth Ambassador, Wilson was based in South Africa where she suffered from malaria. In her sick state, she would have hallucinations as an Academy-winning actress. This, she has always said, convinced her to try her luck in acting.

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