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22-Year-Old Mum Kylie Jenner Explains How Motherhood Empowered Her

Since we all keep up with the Kardashian-Jenner family, there’s little we don’t know about Kylie Jenner. The 22-year-old entrepreneur has been quite successful on the business front, with Forbes labeling her the world’s youngest billionaire earlier this year.

When it comes to her personal life, Kylie isn’t doing bad either. She is in a relationship with Travis Scott, with Stormi Webster, their one-year-old, being the product of their young love. Could baby number two be on the way? We just have to hold our horses and see.


Are they thinking about a second baby?

Playboy Interview

Thanks to Playboy, the world got to dig a little deeper into Kylie and her partner’s lives, with Scott interviewing her for one of the magazine’s series. Picture such an interview; someone you trust completely asking you to lay yourself bare for the world to see. You’d be comfortable that it was them, wouldn’t you?

Concerning their relationship, Travis Scott asked Kylie if having him in her life empowers her to be a better mom. To this, she replied that he does so every single day. She continued to say that he reminds her of the seamless coexistence of both motherhood and being visibly alluring, saying that the latter doesn’t mean that a mother is loose.

For a young adult who has admitted to struggling with anxiety, it is pivotal that Kylie has a partner who understands and wants the best for her. Soon after giving birth, the celebrity felt lost, and she took to Instagram to reveal that she needed to find herself. With Scott by her side, that journey must have been fruitful.

Kylie has been struggling with anxiety throughout her youth

To live in the spotlight, a star gets as much hate as they do love. Sometimes, the negative attention gets to them, and that’s probably why some of them struggle with mental health issues. The pressure can break you; don’t you think?

And just recently, Kylie was on the receiving end of such negative attention. In honor of her 22nd birthday that was in early August, the Kylie Cosmetics businesswoman launched a money-themed line.

These products had dollar signs all over them, accompanied by short money quotes. Unfortunately, a portion of people in the online community didn’t take this move kindly. To them, Kylie was rubbing it in their faces that she’s a moneyed young lady and boy were they incensed!


Kylie’s latest money-themed collection


Not Everyone Tags Along

But as is always the case with such online trolls, not everyone tags along for the ride. There were those who appreciated the new Kylie Cosmetics line, congratulating the mother of one for all her efforts in the beauty industry.

In response to all those making a fuss over the products, she said that the collection is not what it seems. As she put it, it is bigger than what they were seeing on surface-level, claiming that proceeds from it would be used to give back to the community.

When celebrities venture into philanthropy, it’s usually for noble causes, and we don’t presume that Kylie’s case will be any different. She has a host of people to look up to in this regard, starting with her immediate family. We may love to hate the Kardashians, but we must admit that it’s a pleasure having them around.

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