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They say that “money can’t buy you happiness” but have you ever seen a sad man inside a Lamborghini? We’re not saying that rich people don’t have any problems, but they have one less they have to worry about. Rich people don’t have to think about how to make ends meet, they busier thinking of how to spend their enormous amounts of money. Some people… Okay, most people (including us) have a hard time working day and night just to pay for the bills, but these guys are losing sleep because they don’t know what to buy next. So if you’re interested in finding out what rich people do with all their money (and feel a little jealous) here’s a list of the 10 most outrageous things people have bought, because why the hell not?


Now, what says you’re rich better than having gold? Wearing a gold shirt of course. Indian politician bought himself a shirt made from pure-gold custom made for his 45th birthday. It was made entirely of 18-22 karat gold and weighed more than 4kg. He even got into the Guinness Book of World Records for “the most expensive gold shirt in the world.”  Apparently, there are other people with gold shirts. It was worth at a whopping $161,354.


If you hear the word “fisherman” you don’t immediately think of someone extremely rich. In most countries throughout the world, fishermen are having a hard time just to make a living and feed their families. Well, if you like fishing and you become filthy rich, you could buy a $1,000,000 fishing lure. It’s made of three pounds of gold and platinum and it has about 100 karats of diamonds and rubies all over.



Who says’s guinea pigs is only a pet for little kids? Grown men can have guinea pigs, and they can even get an armor for their furry little friends just in case they have to go into battle.

This $24,000 armor is a must if your guinea pigs are gonna start a war with the neighbor’s cats. This intricately-made guinea pig suit of armor was the hit of e-Bay auctioning in 2013, so what’re you waiting for? Get one now, so your little friend has some protection.


Everybody knows that iPhones are really expensive. Well, there’s something a lot more expensive. A British luxury jeweler recreated the iPhone 5, made with 24-carat gold, 26 karats black diamond, and 600 precious stones, costing a phenomenal $16,764,000. Now imagine if you lost something like that?


We know what you’re thinking, “how could ice be expensive? It’s literally just frozen water!” Well, a California-based company called Gläce Luxury Ice Co was able to make ice a luxury item that only the ridiculously rich can afford (well why would you want to buy expensive ice anyway?) These ice cubes are hand-carved and are completely clear; made for “minimum dilution and maximum cooling.” A bag of 50 pieces is worth $325.


Every kid wanted their very own bike, and most of us were fortunate enough to have one. But even adults want to get their hands on this luxurious racing bike covered with a layer of 24-karat gold. Now who said that riding a bike won’t get you any chicks, has probably never seen this golden bike worth $500,000.

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