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These Celebrities’ Mental Health Struggles Will Remind You That You’re Not Alone

Celebrities lead a life free from “common man” issues, right? Wrong. These stars we adore are just as human as we are and face almost the same problems we do, and even sometimes more than their fair share.

Naturally, fame brings with it untold pressure, and the individual may succumb to it if they feel like they’re letting themselves or their fans down. Unfortunately, most of these stars suffer in silence, and we only hear of their troubles after they commit suicide, overdose on something, you know what I mean.

Opening Up

Fortunately, there has been a recent wave where celebrities are more positive about sharing their mental health issues with the world, in a bid to be an inspiration to others going through the same, in addition to using the phenomenon as a stepping stone to their complete healing.

Justin has been candid about his depression over the past few months

Justin Bieber has been one of these stars, sharing on Instagram how he has dealt with anxiety and depression for years now. Luckily for him, he’s receiving professional help, and he feels that everything is currently under control.

However, the singer recently announced that his music would take a back seat as he focuses more on himself. To this end, he shared a picture of himself attending therapy, showing that he is serious about picking himself up.

As he captioned the photo he shared on Instagram, the Sorry hitmaker reiterated the importance of being mentally healthy and having equally sane emotions. All we can do now is hope that the vocalist effectively battles his demons so he can go back to doing what he does best – making music.

Emma Stone, the talented actress, has battled anxiety since childhood. Speaking to Stephen Colbert, the star admitted that she started therapy when she was as young as seven and has managed to keep her panic attacks under control.

Emma has had to deal with anxiety virtually all her life

According to her, the benefits she got from therapy are immeasurable. Though she still experiences attacks from time to time, the actress is able to manage her anxiety with the help of amazing professionals and the cognitive tools they employ in her treatment. Additionally, the actress also says that losing herself in a role while acting helps her a lot.

Anyone is Vulnerable

As we all know, mental health issues are not confined to a specific set of people. Zoella, the YouTuber and vlogger, is frequently sharing her anxiety issues through her videos. Way back in 2012, the vlogger admitted that anxiety had been part of her long before she got into the YouTube world, and she has learned to live with it. How?

Zoella handles anxiety pretty well with the help of therapy

She does this by attending a weekly therapy session, one which she dares not miss no matter the circumstances. According to her, therapy has been of great help. It has boosted her confidence and enabled her to venture into spheres she never thought possible. Being a successful entrepreneur and author, she sure has things going right for her, doesn’t she?

Other stars who have opened up about their issues with mental health are Adele, Zayn Malik, and Taylor Swift. They all seek professional help, and so should you.

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