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Held Against Her Will? Britney Spears Finally Breaks Silence on Her Latest Rehab Stint

After checking herself into a mental health institution just recently, rumors about Britney Spears’ well-being started flying left, right, and center. Most of the media outlets spun the story in a way that villainized her, sparking outrage on social media.

Britney needs some self-care after her father’s illness

The singer’s fans, critics, and generally good-natured people took up arms against this stand, questioning why there were double standards when it came to Britney looking after her mental health.

The argument was that whenever one enrolls for some gym classes to lose weight or keep fit, why isn’t it ever news? The same should be the case when one visits a facility for their mental health! It is just as important as maintaining their physical health.

Understandable Circumstances

The circumstances around the singer’s institutionalization should be understandable to any sane human being. Britney’s dad suffered a ruptured colon, a life-threatening health condition, late last year and needed emergency surgery to save his life.

So dire was the situation that Britney took a break off work indefinitely to look after him. And going by reports from the family, Papa Spears almost didn’t make it. It must have been tough!

Those of you who have had an ailing relative, friend, or any other person you deeply care about know exactly what Britney must have been going through.

They share the greatest of bonds

Considering the bond Britney and her dad share, it is only natural that his sickness would affect the pop star as much as it did.

However, her trip to a mental health facility wasn’t due to anything worrying. It was just a step towards self-care — a preventive measure of sorts.

And luckily for our songstress, the move worked! Via Instagram, Britney took it upon herself to update us on her well-being.

She reminded those concerned that her family has been through hell and they’re only just crawling back, slowly but surely. She asked everyone to not be worried and said that she’d be back pretty soon. Good stuff!

Of Rumors, Protests, and Death Threats

Ever since she entered the facility, the rumors surrounding Britney have fueled protests, necessitating her to address the situation.

A fraction of her fans seem to believe that she was forced into the institution by the rest of her family and demand her immediate release.

As Britney captioned on Instagram, the whole situation spiraled out of control, and some of her family members have even received death threats.

The songstress urged her fans to be careful of what they read about her and her current situation, as not everything out there is the truth. Some articles are just click-baiters!

And unfortunately, Britney admits that these protests and death threats are making it difficult to regain her peace of mind. Although she is getting better, she could do without all these hullaballoos.

The singer had to put her Vegas residency on hold due to her father’s health scare

For those who have been there for her, she acknowledges their dedication and love for her but reiterates she still needs a little privacy to process and figure things out. And as she reminded us, she is strong, and will bounce back better!

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