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Renee Zellweger Stopped Acting for This Important Reason, And Here’s Why She Is Coming Back Now!

Good news for all the Renee Zellweger fans as the actress is all set to return on the big screen with the film Judy, in which she would be playing the character of Judy Garland. Many are still wondering why the actress had felt the need to take a break from acting in the first place, but all those questions have now been answered as Zellweger has openly discussed the reasons which convinced her to pause her career.

Renee Zellweger is a very renowned and critically-acclaimed actress

There is no doubt that Zellweger was doing wonderfully well as an actress, having won an Oscar and enjoying a stable stream of worthy roles which were helping her establish herself as one of the greatest actresses the American film industry has ever produced.

But apparently, according to her, she had started to feel depressed, and that is why she felt that taking some time away from the world of movies would be a healthy break for her.

Living As A Public Figure

Although Zellweger had realized that something was definitely wrong with her mental health, she did not figure it out until after paying a visit to her therapist that she had depression. According to her, she was spending the majority of her life according to the characteristics of the persona that she portrayed in front of the public, and the rest of the small portion being who she actually was as an individual.

Zellweger went on a break for a good five years, and people had started to wonder whether she would ever return to the industry

In addition to this realization, her therapist also helped her understand that she was filling up almost all of her time with things to do, in addition to constantly planning out her next couple of years. He advised her that she needed to stop being a perfectionist, and give herself some room to make mistakes, accepting the fact that it was alright if things sometimes didn’t work out in her favor.

Without A Home

After it became clear to Zellweger that she was not taking care of herself, she realized that there was a lack of a home in her life, even though she had multiple living spaces. Since she had invested all of her time and energy into her career, she did not make an effort to personalize any of her spaces.

According to her, she had many pictures and other memorabilia packed away that she could’ve used to decorate her house, but she did not do that which made her feel like someone without any roots.

It would be amazing to see Zellweger return to the big screen with Judy

Talking about the time that she spent away from the glamorous world of Hollywood, Zellweger said that she liked it very much, as it helped her become calmer and at peace with her true self.

According to her, these five years have made her very joyful, and she feels as though her life has entered into another chapter, something that other people may not have really noticed but she has definitely felt the change and the positivity that it has brought into her life. Now, she is all set to re-enter the industry, albeit with a renewed perspective.

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