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You Can Only Wish for Some of the Things These Celebrities Have in Their Homes

Considering the amount of money our beloved celebrities are making on an annual basis, it should not come as a surprise that the things they spend on are sometimes so expensively luxurious that we can only dream about owning them. From having a wine cellar in the basement to having a professional chef’s kitchen, or a pool house on the far end of the mansion grounds, these unreal household amenities always manage to surprise us.

However, you’d be even more surprised to know that these are only some of the luxuries which celebrities tend to have in their homes. There are things which you may have never seen before, some of which are perhaps so rare that you may not even have imagined anyone to have them in their house.

For example, did you know that John Travolta has not one but two full-sized runways in his home to allow his five personal jets to take off and land whenever he desired? Or perhaps Paris Hilton’s $300K house would be enough of a shocker considering she had it built not for herself, but for her dogs? There is more where that came from, as such examples are not as rare as you’d think.

Image result for john travolta runways

Owning private jets was not enough to satiate John Travolta’s passion for flying, so he installed runways in his home.

A Basketball Court

When it comes to Michael Jordan’s house, it makes complete sense for the legendary basketball player to have a full-sized basketball court in-house. We are referring to his former mansion located in Illinois, of course.

While outdoor basketball courts are not that rare (and in fact not that expensive, either), having an indoor court is an expense only Jordan seems to be willing to bear. The mansion came on a listing for a staggering $29 million, however, having failed to sell, the price eventually reduced down to $14.85 million by 2018.

A Bowling Alley

The Malibu mansion which Lady Gaga invested in around 2014 cost an impressive $23 million and her investment made sense considering the mansion offered her priceless views of the gorgeous Zuma beach along with the surrounding mountains.

But, perhaps the most impressive feature of all was the bowling alley housed inside the mansion, complete with two lanes to allow for the multi-party fun extravaganza. If that does not sound like the most fun house ever, then perhaps we need to redefine fun!

Related image

Lady Gaga likes to have fun, but it’s clear she does not like to travel anywhere for it considering her home has a bowling alley which she can use whenever she wants

A 30 Feet Bed

Yes, Shaquille O’Neal is a tall person, measuring an epic 7’ 1” on the scale. He also weighs an impressive 325 pounds, so there is no denying the fact that he needs a sturdy bed. In an Instagram post, Shaq revealed how even a California king size bed was not big enough to offer him comfortable space.

In the same post, he made an appeal to the bed company Tempur-Pedic for a bed that was big enough to fit him. Of course, he wasn’t being serious, but the company Tempur-Pedic did take him seriously and delivered a bed that was 72” long and 98” wide.

A Baseball Field

When it came to developing the mansion Jerry Seinfeld had bought from Billy Joel, it comes as no surprise that two pools, a guest cottage, and a garage big enough to hold 22 cars at the same time were on the list of features he wanted.

When it was time to decide what kind of sports facility he wanted, he made a very unconventional choice: a baseball court. But considering the size of his estate, it seems like a very good use of all that space.

Image result for jerry seinfeld baseball court

Jerry Seinfeld has made known his passion for baseball to the entire world, especially after installing his own personal baseball court in his home.

A Ginormous Library

Bill Gates might not be the richest man in the world anymore (after being overtaken by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos), but he certainly continuous to impress us with the way he spends his enormous wealth.

One of the things Gates has invested in is a huge library that is built on an area of 2100 sq. ft. and has two bookcases that are hidden from plain sight. Apart from the thousands of books which call this library their home, there are also a few rarities which you will not find anywhere including the Codex Leicester (a manuscript written by Leonardo Da Vinci himself sometime in the 16th century).

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