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Demi Moore Developed an Addiction to Exercise Due to Her Role in This Famous Film

Drugs and alcohol can easily lead you down the addiction path, but did you know that so could working out? In her new memoir, actress Demi Moore went up close and candid on how tough the 1990s were for her. She was obsessed with her body image and would, therefore, spend endless hours in the gym.

Try as she may, she couldn’t stop herself. But aren’t addicts powerless against their addictions unless another party intervenes? In Inside Out, the memoir, the mother of three reveals that it all started in 1991, soon after the birth of Scout Willis, a daughter she had with fellow actor Bruce Willis who was her husband at the time.

Once upon a time, these two were lovebirds

A Two-month Time Limit

At around that time, she had just landed a naval officer role in A Few Good Men, and they’d provided her with a military suit that she had to fit into within two months. Unknown to the filmmakers, they had just set Moore down a slippery slope, one that would take years for her to recover from.

She trained really hard, managing to shed all that extra weight, and if you’ve watched the movie, you couldn’t tell that Moore was a lady recovering from childbirth. Unfortunately, that she met her goal of fitting into the naval uniform wasn’t enough for her.

She kept exercising excessively long after filming, to the extent that her breast milk’s fat content became significantly reduced. Who would be starkly affected by such an eventuality? Baby Scout, of course. Her doctor told her as much, citing that the girl wasn’t growing as well as he would have liked.

By having her fit into this naval uniform, the filmmakers had just set Moore down a slippery slope

To alleviate the situation, the doctor recommended a baby formula with which Moore could feed her daughter, and thankfully she turned out alright. You’d think that news of her child having stunted growth would keep the actress of the gym, right? Far from it.

Although she admits that the entire ordeal left her crushed, Moore couldn’t just stop sticking to her routine. It became worse when she landed another role, this time playing a real estate agent in Indecent Proposal.

Twice as Hard

For this one, she actually upped it up a notch, exercising twice as hard as she was before. She also started dieting, although she now describes it as an eating disorder. Along the way she suffered a bout of pneumonia, which caused her to ease up, but only for a short while.

As soon as she got another role, she was back at it again, dieting, exercising and all. As she explains in her book, all she thought of were the millions of people who would watch her movie, this being the very reason why she thought she had to look perfect for the audience.

For this role, Moore had to gain weight which became her turning point

With this being her thought process, would you believe that it was another movie role that helped her fight the addiction? The character she was to play was Jordan O’Neill, a Seal, in 1997’s G.I. Jane. For this one, she needed to gain weight, and knowing Moore, she did everything to be perfect for a role.

Once the actress got the desired bulk, she actually felt more comfortable than she had in years, and that was the end of a long 6 years fighting an uncanny addiction.

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