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Eva Mendes Never Wanted Kids, But She Changed Her Mind Due to THIS Heartwarming Reason

Eva Mendes has made a point of avoiding the talk about her partner during interviews for the duration of their relationship, which many seem to think blossomed in 2011. The actress and designer has been with Ryan Gosling for quite a few years now, and the couple has been blessed with two daughters.

Eva Mendes has been with Ryan Gosling for some years now, and the couple has been blessed with two daughters

The Goslings

And although their union is nothing short of a marriage, the two are yet to have an official ceremony. All the same, Hollywood and indeed the rest of the world has accepted them as a married couple and it’s their love for their two children which binds them together.

Given how private they are, however, the two could have already had a secret wedding — We wouldn’t be surprised!

Speaking to Women’s Health, Mendes broke her tradition and decided to humor us with updates concerning her ‘husband’ and daughters.

Most noteworthy was the talk about parenthood, with the actress detailing how being with Gosling changed her perspective on being a mother.

Gosling’s charm was so irresistible that Eva changed her mind about having kids

As she put it, she had never considered herself the parenting type. Bringing children into the world was the last thing on her mind.

She had a blossoming career after all; why not focus all her attention on that? But as fate would have it, her life wasn’t about to follow the path she had charted for herself.

Love Changes Everything – Well! A lot of it

Ryan Gosling came into Eva’s life and everything changed. She fell madly in love and even began to entertain the thought of bearing kids. And not just any kids – Gosling’s kids.

Going by her words, it was all specific to the actor. Any other man and maybe, just maybe, she still wouldn’t be a mom.

Now, the two are proud to be the loving parents to Esmeralda who’s four and Amanda who’s two.

According to Mendes, the arrival of Esmeralda brought with it another thought. Hanging up her acting boots to concentrate on raising the child.

She was more motivated to spend a day at home tending to her daughter’s every need, compared to the energy she put out behind the camera.

She has certainly taken a break from her acting career but insists that she hasn’t gone into retirement just yet. We can expect to see her on a number of projects soon.

Esmeralda has got her mom falling in love with parenthood

Last year, Ryan Gosling won a Golden Globe, dedicating it to Eva’s brother Juan, who’s sadly not with us anymore. In his speech, he gave his wife a shout out, thanking her for being a great mom to their kids and raising them right.

As many of you with young kids would understand, Eva wasn’t even watching the award show. Her kids had her watching PBS Kids, and who can blame her for humoring them.

Fortunately, her sister was in another room watching the speech and called her when Gosling acknowledged his lady. Eva was also touched that he dedicated the Award to Juan, describing it as a beautiful gesture.

Many couples in Hollywood look up to Gosling and Mendes, seeing as they always seem to have things figured out. Maintaining a successful career while being a relatively young parent is someone to be really proud of.

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