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Here Are Some Tips For Starting An Urban Farm From Brooklyn Grange

There’s no feeling quite like the feeling of eating fresh produce straight from an urban farm. However, if you’re a farm owner, there’s a lot more than that when it comes to it; you’re not only providing fresh produce but you are also playing your part in making the environment healthy and sustainable. Farming is an amazing hobby through which you can earn a great income while reaping all the benefits of eating fresh and healthy foods. There’s no doubt that the product that is present in the grocery store is highly processed.


Greta Hoffman/Pexels | A break from that processed food should always be welcomed.















If you’re interested in starting your urban farm, then keep reading because these tips are going to come in handy.

1. Starting With A Business Plan

Whether you intend to provide fresh food or help the environment, you’ll still need a business plan, which will dictate your revenue, operating costs, and much more. It may seem like an easy task but when it comes to urban farming, you’ll need to step up your game! It requires plenty of your time, effort, and money. Therefore, make sure to develop a detailed business plan because, after all, it’s a farming business!


Albina White/Pexels | You can’t keep all the produce for yourself so, why not sell it?

2. Finding The Right Location

Whether it’s a regular farm or an urban farm, you’re going to need a place to start it. So, to launch your urban farm, you’ll have to do a lot of exploring and ground work to choose the perfect location. It might be tempting to start your farm right away but you have to make sure that the lot that you’re choosing is close to the farmers’ market, has plenty of sunlight, and has a reasonable lease that allows you to work on your farm for a long time.


Daniel Frese/Pexels | This will be an expensive investment, and might as well be fruitful


3. Be Open To New Opportunities

Starting a farm in the city can be more difficult because you’ll have to deal with a lot of obstacles that may become a hindrance. So, you have to be open to opportunities like using the farm for hosting events or photoshoots that could help generate some extra cash. You can also host farming workshops on your urban farm to help you make some decent money on the side.

Nothing is difficult if you put your mind to it.

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