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Trouble in Paradise? Tips For Couples to Power Through The Tough Times

You may have heard the saying, if you want to know someone’s true colors, you should observe them when they are angry. The main idea behind this saying is that when people are in tough situations, they are unable to think straight and carry out actions with logic.

While sayings like distance makes the heart grow fonder and rainy days don’t last forever are good in writing but, as it turns out, many people do claim that going through tough times can bring you and your partner closer.

Pexels | It’s how you come out of difficult situations that defines your relationship and bond

But First, Define Tough Times

So what does the term tough times consist of? In all honestly, it is largely subjective. One would consider financial setbacks as inconvenient, while others might consider relocating for work purposes difficult. There’s a wide list of things that can be considered “tough” but, what you need to remember is that these ups and downs of life are only natural and everyone has to deal with them.

Pexels | Since you can’t get rid of trying times, why not face them head-on?

3 Things to Remember During Tough Times

1. You are no therapist

Generally, when the person you love is dealing with some issues like anxiety or depression, your first instinct would be to try and help them. While you can make it easier for them in some cases, they will still require professional help. This can also be important for you since you will not be at the receiving end of their emotional baggage, which often has the ability to wear people down.

2. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help

At times, everything may get overwhelming to the point that you and your partner cannot think straight. This is where you might need a third party to help you redirect and align yourself better. Couples therapy is not the last resort – in fact, it is a great tool to get an evaluation of your relationship so you can work on bettering it before it’s too late.

Pexels | Sometimes a neutral third party becomes essential to solving relationship problems

3. Tough times are unavoidable

There is no couple in this world who hasn’t dealt with tough times. Whether it is a long-distance relationship or a live-in relationship, this is a major part of life that people have to face. Additionally, what may contribute to making matters worse is social media, which creates this false narrative about how a couple should be. Just remember that every person is different, hence every couple will be unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to relationship problems. And, if you are dealing with hard times, know that you are not alone.

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