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Wardrobe Mistakes from Blockbuster Films That Were so Obvious, Yet Everybody Missed Them!

A lot of forethought, preparation, and attention to detail goes into the production of a great movie. Parties involved are heavily invested in terms of time and money for the perfect end product, and it usually is. Except when it isn’t! For the audience to notice these little production and camera mistakes, they must really be paying attention to the movie, right?

Still, some mistakes are too obvious to go unnoticed! They may even lead us to question the fact that enough resources and energy went into the creation of the fictional story in question. Mistakes like these often shatter the illusion of the storyline, leading to a reduced level of audio immersion which might change their perception of the story entirely.

La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s 2016’s La La Land is a great movie, to say the least, and the multiple awards it has won attest to this claim.

Ryan Gosling’s character switched from brown to a green shirt in one of La La Land’s scenes

However, the production of the masterpiece was not all mistake-free; in one of its scenes (the road rage one), Sebastian (played by Gosling) appears to be in a brown shirt but just moments later in the same scene, the character bizarrely appears to be donned in blue, before switching back to brown again in the next shot. This continuity error was evidently hard to miss but amazingly Damien Chazelle, the movie’s director, recognized this error only after the film had premiered.


The 2017 Marvel flick Thor: Ragnarok was an instant hit among fans. However, the magnitude of such a film always raises the stakes and expectations, exposing it to one or two unintended mistakes during production. In a scene between Bruce Banner and Thor, fans didn’t fail to notice the abrupt disappearance of green powder from Banner’s face in one of the scenes.

The green powder confusion in Thor

During their escape, the two Avengers run into human traffic, and in the commotion, Banner gets the powder smeared all over his face and clothes, but in the very next shot, Banner is then shown looking clean as a whistle, as if he hadn’t come into contact with the green powder at all!

Another massive movie in the MCU, 2011’s Captain America also fell victim to a wardrobe error; with the setting of the movie being in the 1940s, protocol demanded that female soldiers tie their hair up instead of having it rest on their shoulders. This was to maintain their uniform’s collar free from strands of hair.

Peggy Carter with her hair resting on her collar

In one of the scenes, as Steve Rogers meets US Army’s Peggy Carter, her hair isn’t tied up in a bow as it should be, effectively making this an error in production. Knowing how strict rules in the military are, Carter would definitely have been fired for this one in the 1940s!

Indiana Jones

The Indiana Jones movie franchise has brought forth a character that has endeared himself to the hearts of many over decades. Nonetheless, the producers and video editors of the franchise are ultimately just as human as we are, humans make mistakes.

A Nazi’s uniform displays medals in the 1989 Indiana Jones movie

In the 1989 installment of the saga, the hero fights Nazi soldiers who don honorary service medals on their military uniforms. Unfortunately, this is indeed historically inaccurate since such badges were only introduced after the Second World War. However, we are willing to bet that not many Indiana Jones fans mind this small mistake!

In all honesty, some of these mistakes are pretty easy to live with while others, not so much. If the mistake is not detrimental to an otherwise brilliantly narrated storyline or doesn’t break the illusion of fictional reality, what exactly is there to complain about?

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