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You Won’t Believe Who Meghan Markle Looks up to for Fashion Inspiration!

Who can fault Meghan Markle’s fashion sense? Even before joining the Royal Family, the former actress could do no wrong. And ever since her marriage to Prince Harry, the Duchess’ style evolution has been nothing short of breathtaking.

Meghan Markle is obviously influenced by Princess’ Diana’s timeless sense of style

Learning from the Best

Most outlets seem to paint the picture that Meghan draws her fashion sense from her mother-in-law, the late Princess Diana, and former FLOTUS Jackie Kennedy. Interestingly, she doesn’t draw her inspiration from the two only when it comes to dressing. She also seems to have borrowed a page or two from Diana and Jackie’s book on being a selfless humanitarian.

Although there are lots of stylists at her disposal, the Duchess opts to style her own outfit whenever she is stepping out or making a grand appearance. In another world, she could have chosen a career of a successful stylist and designer, had she not married Prince Harry! After all, she is the epitome of effortless beauty who managed to stun fans every time she steps out.

A source close to Meghan shared that the Duchess looks up to Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy for fashion inspiration because she relates them with timelessness. According to Meghan, their outfits, as well as their legacies, have stood the test of time. For generations to come, people will still be talking about them as icons, and Meghan would very much like to be part of that conversation.

One can tell how much Meghan is inspired by

Being an activist worth her salt, Meghan has shown that she has no problem using her new position of power to continue championing for what she holds dear. The Duchess is all about empowering either gender, promoting the education of women and girls, and the upholding of gay rights.

Meghan is also very much into the arts, just as Princess Diana was, before her. The Princess served the National Ballet as its patron, and Duchess Meghan has just taken over a similar position for the National Theatre from the Queen. Talk of walking in her idol’s footsteps.

Controversy or no?

Princess Diana was not new to controversy, and neither is Meghan. The Princess created a worldwide buzz in 1987 when she shook hands with an AIDS patient, a move that was later clarified as in line with ending the stigmatization around the disease. She was also vocal in the ban against land mines, and she traveled to Angola for this cause.

Meghan is just as charitable as her late mother-in-law

Similarly, Meghan, while still giving royal traditions the respect they deserve, is riding the same controversial wave. Parallels have been drawn between the Duchess’ secret Grenfell Tower visit to comfort fire victims and Princess Diana’s visit to the homeless late in the night and in secret.

Meghan was really committed to helping the victims out, and she visited them quite often after that. She even made a cookbook whose proceeds go to keeping the locale’s community kitchen open!

One of Meghan’s trusted confidants recently revealed that she does so much more than what the media covers. The Duchess prefers to go on about her charity ventures in private, evidently showing that she does it from the heart.

Back to fashion, how many times have you seen the Duchess step out and you immediately thought of Jackie Kennedy? In my opinion, she seeks humanitarian inspiration more from Princess Diana, and fashion inspiration more from the former FLOTUS. Either way, she knows how to blend the two!!

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