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If your big day or your friends big day is too close and your unshaped figure has become a nightmare and worst of all nothing seems to be working right. Then such a condition really a heart seizing for fat people.

If you are looking for some ways to lose weight really fast, achieve more fitness, and wish to find that perfect diet to help you lose a few pound each week, then you have to make sure that you not only exercise but also eat well. Your body must get the right nutrition.

Here are some of the top 8 easy to clean up the diet which can help you to eat less, so that you can slim down and stay healthy as well as lose a pound every week.

  1. Begin slowly.

Instead of throwing all your food from your pantry at once, start with getting rid of your soda and some of those unhealthy snacks from your daily diet. Plus, you can unload your enriched pasta as well as replace them with a whole grain version.


  1. Get rid of high-calorie foods.

Each of us can take a close look at what we eat which is the major cause of our poor health and then start unloading it. For instance, if you are a vegetarian, then prefer buying more organic products.And if you are a meat eater, then you can buy meat from grass-fed cattle.

I’m really proud of my curves, and I hope all you curvy girls out there are embracing yours too!! It’s important to work out and be the best version of yourself that you can be, but never feel like you have to be the skinniest girl in the room to be the prettiest. Be confident in yourself and you’ll shine!” Kim Kardashian

  1. Have a supermarket plan.

Whenever you go for food shopping, better you browse over the outside aisles of the store where the most natural, and whole products are kept hidden from the buyers. This can be in the produce and dairy sections. Whole grain, unprocessed foods can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

  1. Become a label reader.

When you are on your dieting regime, you gotta to learn to distinguish between clean foods from the processed ones. Processed foods are those that have artificial flavors and coloring, high sodium,  preservatives, fat, and sugar content, contain dyes, etc.

  1. Keep nutrients in mind.

It is best for your weight and health to focus on nutrients instead of just product price. Consider if the price of the product is worth the nutrients it provides. Look at things like fiber, fat content, protein, vitamins, minerals, sugar content, etc.

  1. Eat home more.

Did you know that eating your home cooked food and eating more wholesome food can become one of the biggest benefit reaping factor to your weight loss efforts?Yes, it’s true! Don’t know how to cook?Well, no problem!! Get a few cookbooks or check out online cooking blogs or if you have your mom or a friend who can help you out then reach to them.

  1. Retrain your taste buds.

It can be quite a challenging task to eat new foods that are best for your health and fitness goals. This is especially true if you are used to of eating lots and lots of sugar, salt, fat, additives, etc. Take it slow and start with gradually mixing with the healthier alternatives like whole wheat pasta mixed with enriched pasta or replacing your sugary cereal like “Captain Crunch” with “Cheerios”.

  1. Use the 80-20 approach.

Eating clean food can help in a big body detox program and can be a huge component of your dieting efforts. Create a plan on eating 80 percent of the natural, wholesome foods with 20 percent of the cheat foods (yes, you can cheat a little bit!) for events like social outings, traveling,  etc.

Yes, losing weight really fast is just a fantasy as you can see now, that it doesn’t really happen in a week. But, you can lose 1 pound each week. It takes your commitment to having a change in your lifestyle and eating in ways that can enable you to have a body that is healthy with a great humming metabolism. If you take action and follow this simple clean eating tips, you can see the best results before your big day!

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