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Common Misconceptions About Workout People Continue To Practice

Are you constantly hitting the gym and still don’t see any results?Are you losing motivation to keep going because of how little progress you make? It may not be because of your stubborn fats that are slowing down your process, but the stubborn workout myths that continue to exist.

57.25 million Americans have gym memberships

There are many ways that we can screw up our fitness routines. Not knowing the right way to exercise is like wasting time in the gym. This is because of the false information that has been constantly told to us. This is the reason why you are not seeing the results that you deserve.

Here are the top most common myths about working out that are keeping you from your ideal body.

Weight training can bulk you up

We have heard this countless of times, especially the ladies to avoid strength training. This common myth is still being avoided by those who want to keep their slender figure. Well, let this article straighten this common myth- strength training will not bulk you up if done in moderation. Strength training or doing weights can actually help you lose weight faster. Your muscle will continue to be active hours after lifting those heavy sets, that’s why you lose weight faster. The bulking up part will only be possible if you load up on specific hormones, like testosterone- making men bulkier than women.

Work out at the break of dawn

Frequency of your workout is a greater factor compared to the time you do it

Most people wake up early in the morning to hit the gym for faster results. This is a common misconception, but it’s not harmful. Working out in the morning is safe and good to keep you active the entire day. But it doesn’t make you lose weight faster. If you want to schedule your workout for best results, better make it a daily habit. It will not rely so much on the time of your routine but how frequent are you doing it.

Crunches are the best Ab-workout

Nothing compares to that burn when you target your abs. What we usually see on other gym-goers are the endless crunches and curl-ups to achieve that flat stomach. Although crunches help, it can’t be considered as the best since it only targets the abdominal muscle. Planking on the other hand targets side and back muscles to help you have that perfect core.

It takes 21 days to form exercise habit

This is a common inspirational message that we hear from the people in the fitness world. They say that all we need is 21 day to make exercise a part of our habits. This can be true for some people, but not all. We are engineered in different ways and there is no fixed number of days that we can create new habits. Some need months while others only need a week. No matter what you do, do it at your own pace.

The longer the workout session, the better

An example of a High-Intensity Interval Training

People will rely on the longevity of their workout to the number of calories they burn. This is true, if and only if we maintain the same pace and intensity. A 15-minute high-intensity interval training burns more calorie than the 45 minutes you spend walking on the treadmill. If you want better results and lesser time in the gym, make sure to move and do high-intensity workouts.

Sweating more means you’re burning more

Spend one minute under the scorching heat of the sun and see how much sweat your body is producing. Does that mean that you’ve already lost weight by just bathing in the sun? No, and that is why sweat should not be a measurement of the calories we have burned. Sweating is our body’s natural response to cool down internal body temperature. There are also people who sweat more and sweat less, and it will not affect the quality of your workout.

These are the common misconceptions we hold about working out and there are still many more. Don’t just listen to the things you hear from the grapevine. Instead, make it a priority to do research on the things that involve your health and wellness.

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