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Professional Scuba Divers Encourage Other Women To Dive

Women empowerment has indeed taken the world in 2017, in fact, Merriam-Webster’s word of the year is feminism, which they defined as ‘the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the genders as well as the organized activity on behalf of human rights and interests’. This was all because of the #MeToo trend that has totally taken over the social media after celebrities started to share their stories of abuse and are encouraging other women to speak up and not be afraid to find justice on their part. More and more groups of people, as well as organizations, are making their move. Even the female scuba diving community is definitely making their part as to why more women should try scuba diving and how it could help them as well as the industry.


In 2016, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association or also known as the SFIA reported that most scuba divers are male. In fact, there is 68 percent of scuba diving participants and 78 percent of participants who have more than eight years of experience are all male. That same year, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors reported that there is only 37 percent of women compared to 63 percent of men were given certification for professional diving. It seems to be like the male specimen is more inferior when it comes to numbers in diving. For some people, diving seems to be just an ordinary recreational activity, for others, it is some form of an extreme sport. However, there are one who actually dives for a living, such as marine biologists, conservationists, and even activists.

People say that diving can be such a big challenge for women and this is said to be because of the lack of visibility as well as the industry having been too slow to actually give a chance to women to be able to fit in since there isn’t exactly a gear yet that is actually made specifically for them. However, this didn’t stop female divemasters to prove that women definitely have a place underwater.


Liz Parkinson of the Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas’ Save The Sharks said that people usually say that the sea is a man’s world and that diving is a man’s sport, which is why women like her serve as an exception as well as an inspiration for those who want to give it a try. Parkinson is also a model, stuntwoman, and an underwater photographer as well as a spokesperson for different conservation groups. Which is why divemaster Sarah Richard made a forum knowns as Girls That Scuba. This is basically a community wherein they discuss everything about scuba diving as well as the challenges they continue to face because of the male domination. Richard launched the ‘Dear wetsuits manufacturers, why don’t you make female wetsuits in larger sizes?’ forum wherein so far there are more than 16,000 women have been a part of. She always makes sure that women could freely voice or their concerns and questions in the industry especially those who are curious and are willing to try but have no idea how or where to begin. She also wants them to inspire one another by telling stories about their diving experiences. Richards believe this is indeed imperative especially in the #MeToo era wherein women could stand-up for themselves as well as for one another.

After @piachichile and myself removed a huge fishing lure from the mouth and gills of this Oceanic White Tip she would not leave us alone. It was like getting your leg rubbed by a cat or dog. A unique experience captured by @fraziernivensoceanimaging — Closing out 2017 with some great memories, and excited about the Shark Adventures 2018 holds. Happy New Year Everyone 🦈🎉 — @stuartcovesdivebahamas @paditv @projectaware @world_adventure_society @discoversharks @shark_explorers @sharkangels @conversation_ocean @itsbetterinthebahamas @vacations @outsidemagazine @athleta #bahamas #divestuartcoves #saveoursharks #amazinganimals #padi #projectaware #oceanic #lovesharks #blueocean #underwaterphotography #lizparkinson #kissashark #sharks #lovemarinelife #amazinghumans

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It is more than just a sport or a recreational activity, scuba diving is actually good for the health, which is why more and more women are trying it out.

What most people don’t know is that diving could actually divers the heart rate but being underwater lowers the blood pressure because the temperature of the water is lower than the body’s temperature. The blood vessel in the body will constrict to be able to conserve heat when you are underwater. Even the slow and deep breathing that you will learn before diving will help the blood pressure go down.

Another great benefit of diving is the fact that it is indeed very relaxing. Being able to breathe slowly and deeply is something that you do while meditating as well as being underwater. This state of calmness is food for the body and of course being able to witness the beauty of the marine life is something that will definitely relax the mind and body.

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