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Ariel Winter Needs Your Support! Modern Family Star Raising Money for a Very Special Cause

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter and the rest of her family are currently going through a trying time, with the star’s cousin fighting for his life in hospital.

Earlier this month, the actress took to Instagram to break the news to the world, posting Stories on how Tino was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

When Winter went public with this information, her cousin was on life support at the ICU, although it was confirmed that he was making good progress.

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter is raising funds for her cousin’s recovery

However, she did not particularly disclose why Tino was in the hospital in the first place, though she did say that the effects of the illness would linger on for much longer than anyone would want them to.

Posting a photo of herself alongside Tino, the actress commended the doctors at the hospital for a job well done and working round the clock to save him. Going by the post, Tino would have certainly lost his life if he hadn’t been rushed to hospital as promptly as he was.

According to Winter, the medical team had made some good progress in arriving at a diagnosis, but all signs pointed towards an extended hospital stay for Tino.

Family Love

Just from the Instagram Stories, one could tell how much Ariel values Tino. The 21-year-old urged her followers to support her cousin by donating to the patient’s fund.

In her second post, Ariel shared a photo of her sandwiched between Tino and Krista, his girlfriend. The actress commended Krista for her time conscious actions that ultimately saved Tino’s life, in addition to revealing that she has always been by his side since the incident.

The next image Ariel put up was herself alongside her cousin again, but this time with a love-heart emoji towering over them.

Ariel made a point of linking Tino’s GoFundMe campaign to her Insta-stories, and the patient’s family confirmed that he was indeed infected with the Haemophilus influenzae bacteria. The pathogen is notorious for causing a wide array of infections, which is not so excellent news for Tino.

Winter as Alex Dunphy in Modern Family


Target Reached!

Luckily for him, the doctors know what is ailing him and will undoubtedly work towards ridding the bacteria of his system. Still, Tino’s family is apprehensive that the damage may have already be done, speculating that he is down with untreatable meningitis.

Still, they are holding on to the hope for recovery after their loved one was released from the ICU. He’s not out of the woods yet, but a family can only wish and pray. According to the Ariel, Tino is getting better way faster than the doctors had anticipated, and with the right medical support, his family is hoping that he’d be back on his feet in no time.

Luckily for them, the funding campaign has received a lot of support, even surpassing its $15,000 target. As of last week, the family had already received $16,900, and it is definitely much more by now.

Sarah Hayland, Ariel’s co-star on Modern Family once again rose up to stand with her sister of sorts, donating $2,500 to Tino’s cause.

Sarah Hayland, Ariel’s co-star on Modern Family, also donated $2,500 to the cause

The 28-year-old has repeatedly come to Ariel’s aid, with the most recent episode before this being in June when she defended the 21-year-old against crude comments after she posting a photo of herself with no makeup. Don’t we all need such a friend?

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