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911 Operator Who Hung Up on THOUSANDS of Emergency Calls Finally Jailed

Imagine calling 911 to report an emergency situation but, instead of sending help, the operator hangs up on you. Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Unfortunately, thousands of people have found themselves in this scenario after a 911 operator was caught hanging up on people who had tried to call for help in emergencies – and in some instances, people had lost their lives because help hadn’t arrived quick enough. The Texas woman who has systematically hung up on thousands of calls during her career as a 911 dispatcher has finally been fired from her job and sentenced to jail for 10 days.

44-year-old Crenshanda Williams’s supervisor reported that she had systematically hung up on thousands of phone calls while working as a 911 dispatcher

Thousands of Disconnected Calls

44-year-old Crenshanda Williams had been working as a 911 dispatcher for months until her supervisors finally began to notice a suspicious pattern in her phone calls. Apparently, most of the calls taken by Williams on her job lasted no longer than 20 seconds which seemed extremely odd for 911 dispatchers.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the 44-year-old had been hanging up on the residents of Harris County, Texas who had called 911 to report emergencies and request immediate help. Houston Chronical reported that the prosecutors finally determined that she had been hanging up on people on purpose, simply because she couldn’t be bothered to help them and hoped that the next time they tried calling, they would get a different dispatcher on the line.

Some of the people who had called Williams were in dire need of help, and in one instance, her lack of compassion led to the death of a store manager who had been shot, but by the time help arrived, it was already too late for him.

The prosecutors of Harris Country who looked into the case were shocked to find the sheer volume of calls Williams had hung up on, and in one of the calls, she could even be heard saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real,” when a security guard was trying to report two high-speed cars who were driving well above the speed limit. After saying that, Williams hung up on the guard and never bothered to report the incident to the police.

Williams’ Carelessness Resulted in Loss of Lives

One caller named Buster Pendley, who accused Williams of hanging up on him, said that he had called her when his wife lost consciousness due to a life-threatening blood clot which was moving down her lungs but before he could even give the dispatcher his address, she hung up on him and he had to try calling again. Thankfully, this time he was connected with a different dispatcher who was able to send an ambulance just in time to save his wife’s life.

A few days after the incident Williams hung up on yet another caller, but unfortunately, this time, her carelessness actually cost a man his life. Hua Li said that in March 2016 he had witnessed an armed robbery inside a convenience store and had tried to call 911 to report the incident but Williams had disconnected his call before he could even finish his sentence. He tried once again and finally got through to a different operator who dispatched help immediately. However, by the time the ambulance arrived at the crime scene the store manager who had been shot during the robbery had already died.

Williams, who was jailed for 10 days, defended herself by saying that she was going through a tough period in her life and didn’t want to talk to anyone

William’s Defense

According to Houston Chronical, Williams defended her actions in court by saying that she had been going through a difficult phase in her life and didn’t want to talk to anyone. The investigation, however, proved that the 44-year-old had been demonstrating careless attitude on phone calls ever since she started working as a 911 dispatcher one and a half years ago. Callers would often have to call 911 several times, because Williams refused to listen to their emergencies, and would ask why the dispatchers were hanging up without helping them.

Prosecutors said that Williams’ personal life shouldn’t have interfered with her job since people’s lives can depend on these 911 phone calls. Williams arrest took place in October 2016 and she was sent to prison for 10 days. Her supervisor fired her immediately after caching her hanging up on thousands of phone calls and even placed her on an internal probation for one and a half years.

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