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KimYe West Panicked As Saint Got The Pneumonia Flu

Hip-hop community and the fashion industry have not gotten weary of viewing the Kanye-Kim combination in the entertainment front. In fact, it seems everything about the Wests attracts their fans all over the world, including their family circle.

One of the recent news from the Wests’ camp is the health challenge that faced their 2-year-old son who is also the baby of the Wests’ empire, Saint West. He was down with pneumonia flu and was hospitalized for three whole days at a private hospital.

Right now, all is well with the boy because he is recuperating gradually and is back home with his family. Kim is very elated to have Saint back. She was appreciative of the medical personnel who looked after him at the hospital where he was given optimum attention.

The adorable boy is now getting back to his old self after his breakdown due to pneumonia.

After the whole saga, his panic-stricken mum, Kim West, went on her Instagram wall on January 2 to give updates to her fans on the current situation. She posted a heartfelt message saying that her bouncing toddler is now agile, hail and hearty, recovering faster than her imagination. Kim expressed her fear when he got sick that she might lose him. She said she was there with him all through the three days of intense health care at the children ward, where she saw Saint being administered with numerous IVs and how he was fixed on oxygen support. The end of 2017 was a trying period for the West family, she said. She also added a shot of Saint with herself and wrote underneath the picture, ‘Now I know that pneumonia is real and it’s frightening.

The 37-year-old ‘Keeping with the Kardashians’ reality star and mother of 2 went further to show her gratitude to every medical personnel who relentlessly look after Saint during his admission, both doctors, and nurses at the clinic.

According to her, Saint is doing great as before. Referring to the 2-year-old as ‘My able Saint,’ she joked that he might soon open up to her that the ‘journey’ in the ambulance was a fun-filled cruise.

On the 29th of December, Kim posted on her page a picture of her family to celebrate the festive period, glad to announce that they are still a complete family of four members. In the photo, she and husband, Kanye, posed for the special Christmas season image with their children, daughter, North and the main celebrity of the moment, Saint. The family was stationed in a lovely and beautiful tree for the Christmas. She carried their baby girl, North who is 4 and a half years old and daddy Kanye carried  Saint.

This past holiday was a special one that will be remembered in a long time to come, because it is expected by this time 2018 December, there will be an additional member to the West dynasty because Kanye and Kim are preparing to welcome a fifth member, a baby girl through a surrogate mother. That means North and Saints will have a sister!

Kim and her family participated in a 25-day holiday greeting card installments to commemorate the Christmas.

On the 5th day of the installments, Kim wished her baby boy a wonderful and happy birthday. She expressed her love for him even if he is too young to grasp the real meaning. She shared a photo where he looked fly and enchanting in his pair of denim, and he had in his hands on something that looked like a birthday gift. The white base of the photo added more beauty to the image.

On the 21st day of the ‘Countdown to Chrismas 25 days’ installments, Saint’s aunt and Kim’s sister, Kourtney, also posted on her Instagram wall, eulogizing her nephew.

What more do we have to anticipate inside the Kardashian clan? More additions of course, as the dynasty is ready to expand with more babies. Ex-girlfriend to the rapper, Tyga and the youngest of the Kardashian pack of damsels, Kylie Jenner, is preparing for her first child, as well as her sister, Khloé Kardashian. Meanwhile, Khloe is expected to have a male child, and she has gone on to share her holiday aspiration for him in anticipation via her official website. The 33-year-old reality star remembered her mother who taught them the culture of perfection and uniqueness in all her endeavors. Khloe was grateful for this legacy passed to them (the Kardashian girls) by the ‘Senior Kardashian,’ and she wished to also emulate her mum by bestowing the same tradition to her baby boy in the future.

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