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Woman Weds 18 Hours Before Dying From Cancer

‘Love is a beautiful thing,’ so goes a popular saying, The power of love supersedes all odds and makes the world a better place, beyond all adversities and life problems.

The same kind of love that over-looks imperfections made Heather Mosher and David Mosher exchanged the “I do” vows on the 22nd December 2017 in a low-key private gathering in Connecticut. Heather professed her true love to David 18 hours before she passed on to the great beyond.

Nothing could stop the 31-year-old breast cancer victim from expressing her happiness as she tied the nuptial knots with her heartthrob. Despite cancer that had eaten deep into her breasts and all over her body, she still flaunted her marriage ring to the admiration of the present witnesses.

Heather ties the knots in her hospital bed, few moments before she passed away.

The story of Heather was a touching tale of love, sickness, and death. She had been dating David for some time before he made his intentions known to her. It was on a beautiful night where the streetlight shone down on their lovely faces. He popped up the ultimate question “will you marry me?” on the 23rd of December, 2016 and she happily accepted the ring.

Hartford would never forget the unique event at a Hospital called St. Francis in Connecticut, where Heather breath her last almost twenty-four hours after her unexpected wedding with David on the 22nd December last year.

In a tearful voice, the late Heather’s husband, David, shared the beautiful memories they had together when she was alive. He said he knew she was sick and was going through excruciating pain but she was a fighter. He felt so inspired by her pure love towards him, considering the fact that she was sick but still went ahead to have the wedding.

Heart-warming picture Heather and her new husband, David a few moments before Heather passed away

Christina Karas, a friend of the late bride and the official bridesmaid, took several pictures of the beautiful moments as the couple made their vows at the St. Francis hospital premises.

Christy recalled the heartwarming moment after the vows were said and Heather flew her sleek arms in the air, forgetting a near-death health state. The strong woman just wanted to be happy and bask in the euphoria of the day, says Christy. Only those close to her would know that she had just a little time left.

David and Heather met two years ago at a dancing class. Their chemistry connected and one year later, David proposed to her.

The day they got engaged, Heather was tested positive for cancer when a tumor was discovered on her breast. She was still trying to recover from the bad news when one week later, she received yet another bad information; she had a case of severe breast cancer that is known as ‘triple-negative.’ This type of cancer spreads very rapidly all around the body within a short period.

Her life took a new turn, amidst sicknesses and treatments, she fought gallantly. She decided to be happy against all the odds, and that encouraged her to take the step of faith by having the wedding with her dream man. Although both lovebirds had already fixed 30th December for the big day in 2017, however, when Heather’s health worsened, they had to shift the date backward.

Losing a dear loved one is a bitter experience that no one prays to go through. The bridesmaid and late Heather’s best buddy, Karas, confessed she didn’t want to do the wedding because she already knew that Heather would not last long. She said that she was with her every minute the week of the wedding. She was just too engrossed in her sadness that Heather would soon die and her mood of jubilation was completely turned off. However, at the insistence of Heather, she compelled herself to cheer up and go for a small wedding shopping in preparation. Afterall, her friend’s happiness mattered more.

On the wedding day, the prospective bride was very frail and drained of strength. Her family even wanted just to cover her with the wedding dress, but miraculously, they managed to put it on her body and drove her to the small chapel at the hospital premises.

David lovingly remembered how beautiful she looked in spite of her failing health. He could only see his future in those eyes of hers.

During the wedding proceedings, her words were not audible enough because she was very weak, yet she endured the pains and physical turmoil until she said her marriage promises to the delight of everyone present.

Christy said there were no dry eyes at the wedding hall after witnessing the emotional scene. She said everyone knew that Heather would soon leave them, so they had to treasure this special day with her and her newly wedded husband. Unfortunately, those were Heather’s last words on earth.

Indeed, Heather was an inspiring person, says Christy.

Heather was buried on the 30th December 2017, the exact day she was supposed to be wedded officially according to the first wedding date she and David had picked earlier. The funeral took place at the cemetery of the same church the Moshers had planned to wed. At the funeral, Christy delivered a heartbreaking message about late Heather while David did a farewell speech.

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