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Is Taylor’s New Album About Joe Alwyn? The Proof Is in Their Relationship Timeline

If there is one thing Taylor Swift is known for, besides her musical talent, is her insanely public relationships, that have often landed her in a mess or two after they didn’t work out. As she gets older, however, the singer seems to have learned her lessons, and her current relationship couldn’t be more private.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn make quite the couple

2017 and counting

Taylor has been with her beau Joe Alwyn since 2017, but, surprisingly, the public knows next-to-nothing about the couple. What’s more, the two haven’t even graced the red carpet together on any event!

However, the truth always comes out about these celebrities, thanks to the tabloids and paparazzi who know exactly where to look in order to discover Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. And from what we’ve found out, there’s actually a whole lot to discuss about Tay Tay and her actor boyfriend.

Taylor recently released a brand new romantic song entitled ME!

From PDA to Taylor dropping massive hints in her lyrics and music videos, a keen ear and eye should be able to pick these signs up easily.

Love was in the air during this year’s edition of the Academy Awards, especially after Lady Gaga’s and Bradley Cooper’s intense Shallow performance. And guess who was in attendance? Our girl Taylor, and her hunk Alwyn.

And although Alwyn stepped on the red carpet minus Taylor on his arm, the after party was a whole other ball game. The two were spotted severally showing their affection for each other without a care in the world.

From hand holding to adorable pecking and occasional smooches, the two were obviously not trying hard enough to keep their relationship under the wraps.

And if you think they only got their groove on because it of the Oscar buzz, think again. Earlier in February, our couple was spotted in London for a BAFTAs party. They threw caution to the wind, with the paparazzi having the time of their lives. Taylor was all over Alwyn that night, or was it the other way around?

Instagram Official

In November last year, Taylor all but certified their relationship on Instagram. And we all know what it means for the relationship if you start appearing on your partner’s social media pages. It’s going great!! By posting a shout out to Alwyn’s The Favourite, it was all Swifties needed as proof that the relationship was official — online, at least.

It hasn’t all been Taylor throwing in the hints. In October, an interviewer asked the actor what he thought of the political statement Taylor was making. And Alwyn being the man of few words that he is just said that he thought what she was doing was great and important.

Though you may argue that there’s not a lot to draw from this, the conviction with which he said those words counteracts any argument.

These two love avoiding the red carpet, don’t they? Taylor couldn’t miss her man’s premiere, yet she didn’t want it to turn into breaking news that she was in attendance for The Favourite.

So, what did she do instead? She forewent the red carpet, then snuck out the back when the movie ended. At least she was there for him!

Taylor and Joe sneaking out on a secret date

And who can forget the time when British Vogue went all out and asked Alwyn whether he was dating Taylor? He didn’t deny it. He acknowledged that he knows we want to know about them, but they value their privacy much more. And they’ve done a pretty good job at keeping us on a leash!

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