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This Is How Will Smith Stays Fit at 50 — the Answer Is Not What You Think!

You know him first from the television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and then from the movies Bad Boys, Men in Black, I am Legend, Enemy of the State, I, Robot and a whole lot of other widely successful blockbusters.

Will Smith looks great in all of the movies, right? But the actor insists that he does not stay in shape to look great on camera. According to him, healthy eating isn’t as much a physical issue as it is mental. What one chooses to consume is pegged on how best they command their mind to go for what is best for them.

Willard Carroll Smith II (Will Smith for short) is one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood

Focus Driven

To achieve his desired physique, Smith chose to shun alcohol and going out on weekends for an impressive 12 years. As he puts it, he was so focused on his goal that he could not fall off the wagon. According to Aaron Ferguson, the actor’s personal trainer, Will Smith knows his fitness goals and has no exceptions even when certain occasions like Christmas celebrations present him with the opportunity to bend some personal rules.

So strict is the actor on himself that he no longer eats sugar or junk, although he admits to missing the classic Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich. For his diet, Smith chooses high-protein meals. To this end, he eats five times a day, and his meals are an equivalent of 3,500 calories.

Grilled chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato make up a typical Will Smith dinner, packed with protein, complex carbs and micronutrients. Before his highly intensive workouts, the actor insists on taking at least one scoop of protein powder blended with plant milk into a smoothie.


The 1995 first installment of Bad Boys where Smith played alongside Martin Lawrence was the first time that the audiences noticed his jaw-dropping physique. Little did they know, the now father of three had only just begun. By the time he played Muhammad Ali in 2001’s Ali, Smith had bulked up some more. In 2007’s I am Legend, the star was as fit as never seen before.

Will Smith playing Robert Neville in I Am Legend

In 2016, the DC Comics came calling, landing Smith a supervillain role (Deadshot) in the movie Suicide Squad. According to Ferguson, his client’s big chest and mythical eight-pack made him perfect for the part.

To achieve this, the actor had a 5-day workout routine per week which included crunches, leg raises, and push-ups. To tone his shoulders and biceps, Smith had to do some heavy lifting with dumbbells and barbells.

In character as Deadshot

While training for a fight scene in the movie, however, Will Smith suffered a ripped leg muscle that would ground him for a little over a month. According to him, his age (47 at the time) couldn’t allow him to brush off the injury as a minor one, though he was adamant that such a scenario was never to happen again.

To make sure of this, Smith with the help of his trainer revised his routine and was able to get back on his feet for the first day of being on set for Suicide Squad. Ferguson insists that the only secret to Will Smith’s great shape is a routine involving highly controlled motions and a bearable amount of weight.

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