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You Won’t Believe How Much Meghan Markle Spent on Her Maternity Wear!

Meghan Markle is the epitome of style and elegance. And this has only been amplified ever since she became a royal and took the title of Duchess. Even in pregnancy, she hasn’t let her guard down one bit and some may even argue that pregnancy suits her perfectly.

If only she could have that baby bump on forever! Just kidding. We know that everyone is waiting for the arrival of baby Sussex, which could happen any time now, just keep calm.

The symbol of elegance and grace, Meghan Markle

Flashy and Custom-made

News of Markle’s pregnancy broke in October last year, and since then the former actress has stepped out with some flashy and custom-made outfits. She’s worn Oscar de la Renta, Erdem, and Gucci, only to mention a few of her favorite designers.

Being human as we are, I bet you’ve asked yourself how much these outfits cost, and better yet who pays for them. Well, newsflash; the royal family has never been hard pressed for cash.

Still, British taxpayers are shielded from the burden of furnishing Meghan’s wardrobe because her expenses are covered by Prince Charles, inclusive of her wardrobe, official visits, and paying her staff.

Although the money being spent on Meghan’s outfits isn’t taxpayer money, there are some who feel that the Duchess is being unnecessarily extravagant with her fashion choices.

Elizabeth Holmes, the Royal IG commentator has time and again questioned why Meghan is ever in a new custom-made outfit instead of using what we perceive as the Royals’ maternity favorites.

Meghan Markle has kept things stylish during her pregnancy with nude and pastel colors

Reportedly, the Duchess has donned at least 75 new outfits ever since it was revealed that she was pregnant back in October. The total budget for her ever-growing maternity wardrobe? A whopping £478,920. That’s $632,000 in U.S. dollars! And Meghan hasn’t even gone into labor yet, so expect this number to be on the rise.

Seven Times Over

What’s surprising is that the amount is seven times what fellow Duchess, Kate Middleton, ever spent on any of her pregnancies. Maybe the American has a taste for the finer things in life. Who can blame her though, when she always looks stunning?

Thus far, Meghan’s most expensive outfit has been an Oscar de la Renta black and white dress which cost £10,000. If we’ve done the math correctly, that’s a whopping $13,200 on a single dress! But not everything in Markle’s wardrobe has been that extravagant though. Earlier this year, she was in an off-white H&M turtleneck dress worth $35 (£26).

The dress that was sold out in 24 hours

Whatever Meghan touches or wears becomes instant gold. Fans flooded the H&M stores to get their hands on the dress and it was out of stock just 24 hours after she stepped out in it. Some smart buyers even opted to resell it on eBay for $100 (£75) for a handsome profit.

The Duchess has also donned a Reiss dress going for $345 (£260) as one of the more affordable outfits in her wardrobe. Her dresser also boasts of Valentino, Dior, Victoria Beckham, and Carolina Herrera.

Although Meghan always looks gorgeous in whatever she wears, the masses particularly loved the gown she wore to the Fashion Awards. With the event going down last December, the Duchess graced the show in a black one-shoulder Givenchy, cradling her baby bump throughout the night.

A shot of her engaging the audience looking as great as she did break the internet with likes, retweets, and hundreds if not millions of comments. Comfortable footwear is essential in pregnancy, right? To that end, Meghan has most often stepped out in Veja sneakers, worth $150.

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