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Jessica Alba is Having None of It!! Here’s Why She’s Shunning the Celery Juice Fad

Most of us have come across #celeryjuice posts on Instagram. Or perhaps we’ve heard about the #CeleryJuiceChallenge that was kick-started by Anthony William, the New York Times best-selling author. He urged folks to sip on the bright green juice every day for a week to see drastic changes in digestion and overall health.

It seems that celery juice has been gaining considerable attention both online and offline. But does it really work? There are those who swear by it, while others shrug off its supposed benefits as a fallacy.

Pharrell Williams drinking his morning celery juice

How Beneficial is It Really?

According to certified dietician, Erin Palinski-Wade, research findings suggest that the phytochemicals found in celery and celery juice, play an important role in reducing inflammation and blood pressure, and fighting against oxidative stress that is associated with aging.

However, she reiterates that there is no scientific evidence to support claims that celery can actually fight off the risk of infections and disease. All the same, believers such as Kimmy K and Kylie Jenner are sticking to their every morning share of celery juice.

If you are one of those skeptics who don’t trust the hype around celery juice, rest easy, because not all A-list celebrities are jumping on the celery bandwagon. The seemingly never-aging Jessica Alba is one of those who isn’t having any of it – quite literally. Known for her radiant glow and youthful skin, rest assured that Alba’s beauty is not a result of drinking celery juice.

Jessica Alba loves a healthy lifestyle but isn’t a big fan of celery juice

Not for Me!

According to Alba, she tried the juice and had to deal with violent bowel movement all day long. Additionally, she confessed her love for sweet tasting stuff, and celery juice is certainly not one of them.

Now on to a valuable piece of advice to those interested, Jessica suggests that instead of following each new wellness trend blindly, one should maintain their good health by tuning into their body’s cues. For her, this translates to reading a book for an hour, having a face mask on, attending a spin class – it changes depending on the day. Alba insists that wholesome wellness requires one checking in on yourself to figure out what’s missing.

Despite a busy lifestyle, Alba prioritizes her health and fitness

Concerning working out, Alba admits that she loathes it. She tries really hard to motivate herself and get it done for at least four days a week since it leaves her feeling healthier physically and mentally. It also relieves tension that may have built up from her other day to day activities.

However, she admits that her busy schedule for the past five months has kept her from getting a good work out in. All the same, she still prioritizes a healthy diet to stay on top of her game. She takes no wine in the middle of the week and also ensures that she’s had a plant-based or vegan meal once a week.

Still, the mother of three does not deprive herself of an occasional treat here and there. She frequently shares pictures of herself enjoying ice-cream, burgers, and cocktails with family and friends on Instagram.

Her ultimate self-care advice would be surprising to many, but it is understandable for a busy lady like her. She says that sleeping in is one of life’s biggest blessings for her since she hardly ever gets any sleep. Additionally, she advises that one should strike a balance between physical and mental health and watch themselves lead healthier and happier lives.


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