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What Makes a Healthy Snack? Eating the Right Thing at the Right Time

When you talk about snacks, some people think of chips, candies, or maybe pizza. While others believe that these mini-meals are unnecessary additions to their daily consumption.

However, you can actually squeeze in some healthy in-between meals without sacrificing taste, nutrition, and diet. It’s just all about eating the right thing at the right time. Here are healthy snack options for every part of your day.

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It can be quite a distraction thinking about food when you’re still two hours away from lunch. For a boost of energy that could last you until noon, grab a nutritious and tasty morning snack of complex carbs and protein.

Some fruit, whole grains, and eggs could do the trick. You can also try one or two hardboiled eggs with fruit, whole-grain toast with eggs, or a bowl of oatmeal topped with frozen, dried, or fresh fruits.


Before hitting the treadmill or lifting those weights, you would need a fast-acting burst of energy to power through your workout session. Simple carbs would be great options for pre-workout grub.

Just avoid food items that are high in fat, protein, or fiber as these can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and take longer to digest. Try eating toast with jelly or jam, a piece of banana, or fruit smoothie.

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As you burn those fats, you also deplete your energy. Replenish it by consuming food rich in carbs and protein like Greek yogurt with nuts and/or berries or tuna pouch with pita bread or crackers.

However, you must also take into account the intensity level of your workout to determine how much you need to eat. If you’re not into eating solid meals after working out, a glass of chocolate milk is a good alternative.

Quick Fix

Hunger can strike you anytime. It would be a great idea to stash packed snacks in various places like inside the car, in your office desk drawer, or in your everyday bag. Just make sure that it won’t spoil so easily.

A fast and cost-effective option for grab-and-go snacks are making a D-I-Y trail mix. Buy your favorite nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and whole-grain cereals in bulk, mix them all together, and pack them. Aside from your trail mix, other options are protein or granola bars and fruit with a single-serve pack of nut butter.

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Afternoon Slump

When you find yourself wanting to munch on something in between work, you’re probably craving to take a mental break more than satisfying your hunger. Picking nuts or seeds from its shell can be the stimulation you’re looking for.

Aside from these being good sources of protein, fat, and fiber, these can also satisfy your cravings for something salty and crunchy. Hummus with sliced veggies and/or pita and deli turkey or chicken on a slice of whole-wheat bread are healthy snack options too.

Before Going to Bed

This snack can be quite tricky. It should be enough to avoid insomnia-inducing hunger pains but not too heavy to make you feel uncomfortably full.

Say goodbye to late-night calorie bombs and stock your cupboards with light snacks such as whole-grain crackers with sliced cheese, cottage cheese and pineapple, or popcorn.

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