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Experts Discover Shocking Bad News On Vitamin Supplements

Most people think that taking vitamin supplements is perfectly fine since it would only serve as some sort of a boost for the immune system for the body to be protected from germs and viruses. There are also a lot of senior citizens who take vitamin D supplements in order to keep their bones healthy despite aging, however, a new study says otherwise. This is because it turns out that these vitamin supplements are not exactly doing anything for the bones, continue reading to find out more.


It looks like older folks have been wasting their money as well as their time taking vitamin supplements and calcium since there isn’t exactly enough evidence that these type of drugs are helping the bones, especially when protecting itself from fracture which is very common to old people. According to an orthopedic surgeon from China, Dr. Jia-Guo Zhao, who is also the lead researcher of this study said that it is best for senior citizens to stop taking these calcium and vitamin D supplements since they basically do nothing for their body, she even referred to it as completely unnecessary.


Despite these claims, not all medical experts believe that these calcium supplements do not help the bones at all. Just like Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai professor of orthopedic, Dr. Daniel Smith said that this new study is indeed such a bold step when it says that these type of supplements does not help the bones at all. According to Dr. Smith, this new study seems to be missing out a very important detail, which is the fact that these supplements actually lowers the cost of hip fracture. It may indeed be Prevent a small number of hip fractures, it still minimizes the risks that are basically Association with the use of these supplements. For so many years now, medical experts have been advising the elderly to focus on making sure that they get enough calcium and vitamin D in order for their bones to be preserved.

According to the United States National Institutes of Health, 99 percent of calcium in the human body are actually stored in the bones as well a the teeth, however, calcium is actually a mineral that cannot be produced by the body, which is why if the body does not get enough calcium, it may lead to osteoporosis, as well as the body needing Vitamin D to be able to absorb the calcium. Which is why it is recommended by the National Osteoporosis Foundation that women who are younger than the age of 50, as well as men who are 70 and below, must get at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day and senior citizens must have 200 milligrams added to it. These recorded dosages actually came from clinical trials from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Smith also mentioned how this study actually fails to address whether the said patients from the study were actually getting enough calcium as well as vitamin D that they wouldn’t exactly need taking such supplements.


Zhao together with her fellow researchers said that it is a fact that calcium, as well as vitamin D, are both significant to the health, however, it must come from the diet and the person’s lifestyle instead of coming from medication. Zhao also explained how dietary calcium is actually irreplaceable when it comes to skeletal health such as some of the most important foods that are actually great sources of calcium such as bean products, milk, and certain fruits and vegetables. It was also mentioned how vitamin D must actually be synthesized in the skin wherein it would respond to the ultraviolet-B radiation which is actually in the sunlight and this will then serve as the source of Vitamin D. The best possible way to get Vitamin D is to work out under the sun especially during the morning to be able to get as much vitamin D as they need.

Experts have obviously different opinions when it comes to the said matter because of the findings of their different research. It would then depend on your own doctor whether they will prescribe you with supplements for calcium and vitamin D. There is no harm from taking them at all, especially those who needed it the most, some experts just don’t believe these said supplements are powerful enough.

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