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Teddi Mellencamp Fights off Depression and Loses Weight With This Life-Changing Technique

There are many ways to deal with depression, but they are seldom effective at curing the root cause, leaving the sufferer feeling depressed even after the treatment. However, Teddi Mellencamp, who starred on the popular TV reality show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, seems to have found a solution.

Ted Mellencamp has become very popular for appearing on the show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Apparently, she gained a lot of weight after she moved to California, as before making this move, she had grown up with ample physical activity such as riding horses. According to Mellencamp, she lost her balance and ended up gaining around 50 pounds only in a small span of six months, which resulted in a cycle that was vicious enough to resist any of her efforts to control her weight such as dieting.

An Emotional Rollercoaster

Mellencamp has commented that this period in her life made her very emotional, especially as she was making an effort to conceive a child. According to her, she had to undergo certain medical procedures like IVF, steroids, as well as blood thinners to become pregnant after she had already suffered from a number of miscarriages, which resulted in the accumulation of an insane amount of weight on her body in addition to the hormonal changes.

Mellencamp now has two children of her own, and also a step-daughter.

Thankfully, she finally became pregnant and had her first son, Cruz, who is now five years old, but at the time of delivery, she weighed over 200 pounds. Mellencamp had thought she would be able to take this baby weight right off with proper diet as well as some exercise like new mothers usually do. However, the weight refused to come off, and she lost only around 15 pounds even with monumental effort. But then, she put her foot down and made some changes to her lifestyle.

Becoming More Active

With the power of social media, Mellencamp decided to place certain checks on her progress by posting about the changes she was making to her lifestyle on Instagram. The caption that she wrote with her first post showed how she was willing to take full ownership of the fitness journey she was about to undertake, as she stated her full name and told everyone that she was now changing the way she lived her life.

Without a doubt, Mellencamp looks great these days, which means that the lifestyle she has adopted is certainly working.

Subsequently, she started sharing pictures as well as videos of the workouts that she was doing, such as yoga, going on walks, and similar low-impact exercises. The first time that she noticed a change pertained to her emotional health and not her physical state as she didn’t manage to lose much weight in the first year because of minimal changes to her diet.

However, the fact that she had taken charge of her condition helped her in getting rid of depression and also helped her reduce the level of anxiety which she felt.

But the gamechanger for Mellencamp was a change in diet, as she started taking proper nutrition to complement her exercise routine. She eventually managed to transform her body with a diet rich in egg whites, oatmeal, and vegetables.

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